Personal Biography

Tim L. McElderry Spouse's Name: Judy
6605 Mustang Pony Way
Colorado Springs, CO   80922



Education after High School: University of South Dakota
Occupation: Customer Data Technician / US West (now Quest)
Spouse's Occupation: Sales Manager / Deluxe Corporation
Names and ages of Children: Maggie Carpenter, 23; Austin McElderry, 5; Beth McElderry, 20

Married Connie Burke in 1973. Maggie born in 1977. Beth born in 1980. Transferred with AT&T to Colorado Springs, CO......1981. The BIG V......1982. Started climbing the "Fourteeners" in Colorado.....1982. The BIG D......1986. Married my new Best Friend, Judy, in 1986. Celebrated 20 years with US West in 1999. The BIG V REVERSED....1991 (I married a much younger woman.) Completed the 54 "Fourteeners" in Colorado....1992. A New Baby BOY....It worked !!!...1995. Another BIG V from Dr. Biggers...Yes I am done now!!!....1995. Attended and volunteered at the Summer Olympics in Atlanta, GA....1996. Became a Grandfather in 1997...Caelee Mae Carpenter...See me for pictures!! In 2000, I finished climbing the "Hundred Highest" peaks in CO....Celebrated 30 years with US West...Surviving daily challenges with 30 years of Chron's Disease and may have an opportunity to work in Salt Lake for the 2002 Winter Olympics. It hasn't been boring!!!!