Things I never thought "why" about 40 years ago!
(And other trivia)

Q. Why were  the school colors chosen as Crimson and Blue?

A. Crimson and Blue were chosen because they started with C and B (for Council Bluffs - get it?)

Q. How was our Senior Class Motto by Betty Jo Hicks selected?

Q. How was it John Leed was selected as the Moderator?

Q. Why were Diane Forrest, Joe McDaniel, Valerie Thorson, and Brant Webb selected as speakers?

Q. Why was a daisy chosen for the class flower or the colors white and gold?

The following trivia questions were submitted by Pegi (Michalski) Bevins. How many can you answer?  

Alison Hicks is the WINNER of a free CD filled with MP3 music from 1970
for answering the most correct trivia questions.

1. What teacher left in the middle of English class because of a new addition to the family?
        Mr. Kuhl
2. What teacher smashed his/her nose on a locked door as he/she left the room because the students were too riley?
        Mr. Spann
3. What teacher would not allow girls to wear slacks to class once the dress code was abolished?
        Mrs. Anderson
4. What teacher was caught on his/her hands and knees by the principal as the teacher retrieved a Superball?
        Mr. Klopper
5. What teacher's nickname was "Woody"?
        Mr. Woodrow "Woody" Clark
6. What teacher gave out A's to the entire class as a Christmas present?
        Mr. Hill to Honors English
7. What teacher was death on catching girls wearing culottes?
        Mrs. Stark (Typing teacher)
8. What was the vice principal's name?
        Roy Lawson
9. What teacher could hardly say a sentence without the phrase "If you want"?
        Mr. Klopper
10. What did Mr. Schernikau teach?

More Fun Trivia!

What musical did the Music Department put on in our Senior year?
        Damn Yankees
Who sang "Leaving On A Jet Plane" in the Road Show of 1969-1970?
        Wayne Matable and Jim Pike
Who sang "I'll Never Fall In Love Again" in the Road Show of 1969-1970?
        Salli Looft and Pegi Michalski
Who hosted/emceed the Road Show?
        Rick Adkins, Roz Eveloff, Steve Jensen, John Pusey
Which Home Economics teacher caught a lot of heat fro teaching the facts of life?
        Mrs. Koehler
Which principal did not allow students to wear black arm bands to protest the Viet Nam war?
        Mr. Kuester
List the professions Mr. Butler has worked in since leaving A.L. (He's a well-rounded guy.)
        Insurance sales, Iowa State Representative, Chamber of Commerce leader (maybe more)
Who kept pulling the fire alarms during Spring semester of Senior year?
        Alison Hicks
Which History teacher sent students to the office if the bell rang before they were seated?
        Juanita Eschmann
At the Junior Prom (during our Sophomore year), what pattern was inside the pleats of Jack Dahlke's bell bottoms?
        Paisley silk in the knee-to-ankle pleats of white bellbottoms. It was said his mom made them. They were nice!