This page is for YOUR stories and memories that you would like to share with fellow classmates of Abraham Lincoln High School Class of 1970.

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From Jackie Jensen: Does anybody remember Fairmont Lodge and all the parties we had up there ???? and does anybody ever go up to Look out point anymore or is it still there?  And does anybody remember the parties at my little house up on the hill on Harrison Street?  And does anybody remember me??? I had to move after my sophomore year and never saw you guys again.  I plan on coming back for the 40th.  I hope a whole bunch of you are there as looking through these past reunion pictures, I don't recognize too many of you.  That's just wrong.  Hope to rekindle big time next summer

Gary Emenitove asks if anyone remembers the school song?

Dean Anderson asks the following: Does anyone want to go fishin?

Steve Mether asks the following: Does anyone remember who said "If You Want" about a thousand times each class?
Other comments from Steve: Steve Ann Chambers and Steve Mether were/are really good friends. We still are.

John Peters - Still alive....

Dan wants to know "Where is Council Bluffs??" from Craig Stemple.

Jeannette Hanna Brown has the following memory and asks a question:
Maybe someone can refresh my memory. Who was the couple in high school, that when they broke up, she parked her VW bug in his usual parking space, and he and his buddies came out, and literally picked up her car, moved it out of the way, and he pulled into his spot? It seems that she was a year behind us, but he was in our class. Any one else remember?