Personal Biography

Sally Lyons Maiden Name: Spetman Spouse's Name: Rich
3945 East Mallard Street.
Highlands Ranch, CO   80126

Home phone: 303-471-0495
Cell phone: 303-995-7327


Education after High School: Univ of Arkansas, Fayetteville; Univ of Nebraska, Omaha; Wichita State Univ, BS in Physical Therapy
Occupation: Physical Therapist, Insurance producer, entrepreneur
Spouse's Occupation: Contractor, business owner, entrepreneur
Names and ages of Children: Lauren Lyons 34 yr engaged wedding date 11/2015 (Steve); Matthew Lyons 31 yr married (Stephanie)
Names and ages of Grandchildren: "Granddogs"

Birthday: 10/05/1952

P.T. with emphasis on outpatient orthopedics 30+ years. Past 5 years elder care. Patented a Hi Tech mobility device for the elderly (all of us). Balance and fall prevention specialist/Tai Chi instructor. Certified MedX rep educating doctors/patients on personalized medicine/DNA testing. Hobbies: (excercise, healthy cooking, travel)  #1 Family #2 Friends.

*Implementing non toxic, clean products only in our home and what we put on our skin.

Updated: 6/03/15