Class of 1970
Special Offer

Here's the deal: Graduates of our esteemed Class of 1970, we have 46, 8X10 photographs of the Class taken Saturday evening, July 31, 2010, looking "SO GOOD" by the way, outside the Horseshoe in Council Bluffs, Iowa that weren't purchased the night of the event, for what ever reason. There are 75 bright faces in the photograph and only 54 were purchased. I'm sure some of you folks that weren't in the photo would still like to have one to remember your beloved classmates. As a special offer, if you order a Bio CD+ and the group photo together, the cost will be $15.00. As an added bonus, you can also save on the Special CD of mp3 music from 1969/1970 when you order it with the Bio CD+. See the table below for price comparisons. All proceeds from the Bio CD+ and Class Photo help support the web site and future reunions.

Individual Pricing Price
Bio CD+ $10.00
Class Photo $7.50 (was $10 at reunion)
Special CD (mp3 music 1969/1970) $10.00
Package Pricing
Pkg A (Bio CD+ and Class Photo) $15.00 You save $2.50
Pkg B (Bio CD+ and Special CD) $15.00 You save $5.00
Pkg C (Bio CD+, Class Photo, and Special CD) $20.00 You save $10.00 from original prices

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