Personal Biography

Marshall (Marty) Wade Spouse's Name: Terri
1508 Arden View Dr.
Arden Hills, MN   55112-3911

Cell phone: 651-635-9306


Web address:

Education after High School: BS Iowa State Zoology 1974, BS Medicine Physician's Assistant Univ. of Iowa 1977, DDS Univ. of Iowa College of Dentistry 1984, Residency Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 1987
Occupation: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
Spouse's Occupation: School Psychologist/ Fine Arts Administrator Minnehaha Academy
Names and ages of Children: Scott Wade 31, Beth Galik 28, Daniel Wade 23
Names and ages of grandchildren: Luke Galik 4, Elijah Wade 3, Faith Galik 2, Noah Wade 6 mos.

Birthday: 03/11/1952

After finishing school in '87 I have maintained a private practice in suburb of St. Paul where I am also President of our corporation. We have 3 offices and I have 4 partners. In 1994 I began leading dental outreach trips to Ukraine to care for orphans and have returned almost every year since then. In St. Paul I work at the Union Gospel Mission doing dentistry for the underprivleged. Also in '94 I founded a continuing education group for dentists and dental team members called True North Professional Studies. We continue to provide high quality CE to the East Metro area of St.Paul. In 2007 I began speaking at conferences around the country on clinical and leadership subjects. I subsequently founded LionsGate Leadership Coaching which is my professional speaking company. I have been fortunate to be named a Top Dentist by my peers in Minnesota Monthly and Minneapolis-St. Paul Magazines. My hobbies are golf, cycling and writing. I also work to increase my skills as a speaker and was blessed to win the National Spotlight on Speaking award from the Speaking Consulting Network. My wife, Terri and I have been married 37 years and people in Minnesota call her St. Teresa of Arden Hills because she has put up with me for so long! God has been abundantly gracious to us and me in particular because He's taken a life of bad decisions and total screw ups and made something worthwhile out of it. For that I am truly grateful!  
Updated: 6/7/10