Personal Biography

Mick R. Durham Spouse's Name: Wendi
3305 Clermont Dr
Muscatine, IA   52761

Cell: 563-506-8948


Education after High School: B.S. Iowa State University, Meteorology
Occupation: Director Environmental Services  Grain Processing Corporation
Spouse's Occupation: Executive Assistant to President & CEO Stanley Consultants
Names and ages of Children: Matt Durham, 31; Andrew Durham, 28; Ben Busch, 23; Megan Busch, 20
Names and ages of Grandchildren: A boy to be named August 25, 2015

Birthday: 10/4/1952

In Muscatine for the past 34 years loving life and married to a wonderful, caring trophy wife. Looking forward to my first grandchild and totally enjoying the experience of a third son and only daughter. Miss seeing all of you - hope to make the 50th . Wow, that is a lot of years!

Updated: 7/1/15