Class of 1970
Missing Classmate List

If you were a member of the graduating class of 1970 and your name is on one of the following lists, please contact Bob at and I will see that you are removed from this list and updated to the Alumni List.

The following list of classmates had their Reunion Registration Packets returned as undeliverable [5/2010].
Greg Bean Alan Frohardt Ronald Jensen Mike McGill Teresa (Mitchell) Reichart
Nancy (Carlton) Bronwyn Roger Funkhouser Nelson Kraschel David Means Jon Ridgway
Steven Campbell Tim Grieder Laurel (Hoden) Lalle Lucinda (Hunter) Miles Michael Siefken
Elva Edwards Joe Hart Robert Larson Alice (Duschanek) Myers Marianne Taylor
Dana (Laustrup) Engel Alan Herbranson Richard Marsh   Kim Walter

The following list of classmates do not have a valid address, phone, or email but are listed with the last known city (14)
Monte Behrens Council Bluffs, IA
Harry Hoffman Council Bluffs, IA
James Merkuris Council Bluffs, IA
Donna (Hathaway) Brannan Council Bluffs, IA
Carroll Jacobsen Council Bluffs, IA
Gail Michal Council Bluffs, IA
Dan Claar Council Bluffs, IA
Rebecca Jennings Grand Blanc, MI
Kathy Morse Pismo Beach, CA
Jeff Clark Council Bluffs, IA
Rita Mahan Council Bluffs, IA
Martin Stacy Omaha, NE
Jan Cummings Snead Island, FL
Charles Mann Council Bluffs, IA

The following list of classmates have no known address, city, state, phone, or email (27)
Janet Aman
Gloria Cox
Kathleen Kearney
Bosko Pavlovich
Debbie Stukey
Joseph Beam
Mark Eldridge
Deborah McCallister
Rowena Randall
Linda (Cooper) Thomas
Michael Bellows
William Harlow
Patricia McKeeman
Linda Sager
Cheryl Wager
Ann Bergstrom
Mary Hermsen
Cheryl Miller
Danny Schultz
Pat Willers
Tom Cook
Cynthia (Vietzen) Jones
Jolene Miller
Shirley Steiger

Danny Jones
Cathy Newman
Sandra Stewart