Personal Biography

Michael P.Collier
Spouse's Name: Carol Phillips (AL 1968)
19255 Grand Ave.
Council Bluffs, IA  51503

402-676-6972 (cell)


Education after High School: BS Rankin
Occupation: Commercial Property Management - Director of Engineering
Spouse's Occupation:
Names and ages of Children: Ross, Lynn
Names and ages of Grandchildren: Joe 10, Jake 6, Hannah 7

Birthday: 8/7/1952

Since the 35th reunion nothing much has changed; we are 5 years older.,,Enjoying the grandkids, working on the golf game, flying my airplane, renewing old friendships and planning some retirement trips for the very near future.,,Annual sail fishing trip, white water rafting and rain forest excursions to Costa Rica with friends., ,Working with the class reunion committee has been a lot of work but always fun and nice to see everyone again. Please join us as a volunteer!,,Time does fly by enjoy it!,