Personal Biography

Kay Irelan Maiden Name: Fulcher Spouse's Name: Bob Hardy
545 1st Ave.
Iowa City, IA   52245

Home phone: 319-338-0340
Cell phone:

email:  or

Education after High School: Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Iowa , 1974; Art classes at the School of Visual Arts, NYC, 1975; Professional training classes in computer graphics and GIS software, 1997-2009
Occupation: artist
Spouse's Occupation: Cable TV Administrator 
Names and ages of Children: Emily, 29(1979) - artist; Claire, 23 (1986) - interior designer; stepdaughter Christina, 28 (1980) -banker; stepson Anderson, 26 (1983) - chef

Birthday: 2/3/1952

My family left Iowa the summer before senior year, which was both sad for me and an eye-opening experience at that time.  Even though I graduated from high school in West Long Branch, New Jersey, I've always thought of A.L. as my high school.  has been my home now for 33 years.  During those years, I've worked as an artist in one capacity or another, both working in full-time jobs and as a self-employed artist - illustrator, graphic designer, cartographer, decorative painter, and fine artist (drawing, painting, and collage).  I married in 1978, divorced in 1997, raised two daughters, and I've been with Bob since 1999, by which time our two oldest children had already left home for college. 

Bob and I like taking road trips together, most recently to visit two of our children in Oakland, CA, and Portland, OR, with side trips along the way.  We're looking forward to visiting my youngest daughter, who just graduated from Iowa State University in May and is now working for an interior design business in Colorado.  We also enjoy riding our bicycles in the evenings and on weekends, and I like to read and make art when I'm not at work.  Every year I donate artwork to raise funds for community projects

More than anything else, the experience of raising children has changed my perspective of the world and what's important.  In spite of some ups and downs, I've had a blessed life - most recently, walking away uninjured from a car accident with a semi-truck that totaled my VW Beetle - which I know can change in a moment, as it has for many people in the past year and for many of our classmates who've passed away.

Some of my high school memories include pep club, football and basketball games, outdoor school assemblies, Giddy Pips, proms, history class with Mr. Nelson, eating at a Mexican restaurant with Mr. Lara and the Spanish Club (an exotic experience at the time), being sent home from school for not complying with the dress code, slumber parties at Becky Samuelson's and Cyndi Andersen's houses, and hanging out with friends at Kristy Creme.  And many, many more!

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Samples of Kay's artwork
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