Personal Biography

Jackie L. Jensen Maiden Name: Jensen
Spouse's Name: 

845 Rolling Ridge Ave SE.
Rochester, MN   55904



Education after High School:  Four years of college. Worked as chemical dependency counselor for many years and still work today on a volunteer basis with incarcerated women. Trained as a medical assistant with Mayo Clinic graduating in the class of 1993 and worked for physicians and surgeons at Mayo Clinic. Left in 2008.
Occupation: Medical assistant (Mayo Clinic Rochester, (retired))
Spouse's Occupation: NADA
Names and ages of Children: Jamie 34; Beau 31
Names and ages of grandchildren: Jacinda 5, Jiorja 3, Jameson 1

Birthday: 11/11/1952

I have been all over living 100 lives. I left my hometown of CB in 1969 when my father was transferred to Houston Texas. Graduated from down there in 1970 and came back to CB. In 1975 I had my first little boy and my second little boy in 1978. That has been my main focus and passion for most of the past 40 years. Making sure that my boys stayed on the straight and narrow. I moved to Rochester Mn in 1985 to pursue my career and the most gratifying thing that came out of that was a huge amount of gratitude that I am on this side of the cell block. Best accomplishments of course were #1, My boys!!, #2 I became a gramma in 2005 and #3 I learned how to ride a motorcycle. I was told I should get a hobby when my boys grew up so that's what I chose. I love it and ride as much as I can. Not sure how much longer I'll be in Minnesota year round. I am grateful I have located and connected with some of my old school friends and hope to see you in July. 40 years HAH. I'm ready for another 40.

Updated: 8/10/11