History of Iowana/Lake Central/Lake
as told by Sandy (Christensen) Kanger

When we went to Iowana there were only about 8 kids in our class and our teacher taught 3 grades.  Some of the students that went there were, Rick Adams, Mike Collier, Patty Dirks, Susan Donner, Barb Lett and myself.  There were a couple of others too but they didn't graduate with us.  We attended Iowana thru 3rd grade (no inside plumbing either) and then they built the new school and we started 4th grade there.  There was another small one room school that sat next to the bigger 2 room school house that is in the picture and that was moved out to Westfair and was there on display for many years before they got rid of it. Then it was moved to a place near Oakland, Iowa.
Lake Central later became Lake (I think they dropped the Central because people got it confused with Lewis Central).  Lake was built in 1961 on the hill behind Iowana and that's when they consolidated the 4 schools in Lake Township (Woodland, Rainbow, Vineland and Iowana) and it became Lake Central. It went to 8th grade back then and we attended there through 7th grade and that's when they got taken into the C.B. school system.  They then took 7th & 8th grades out and we were bused to the southend of town to go to Longfellow for Junior High.  There's another grade school near Longfellow that was still operating at that time too and that was Peterson School.  Those kids went to Longfellow for Junior High also.  It was on 26th Avenue and South 9th or South 10th.  Something like that. 

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Webmaster Note: Sandy provided an article that was recently published in the Nonpareil and World Herald (along with picures) that told more history of Iowana and Lake Central/Lake school. I have requested permission to post the article and pictures directly and once I get approval I will add the information to this page.