Dave Vore Spouse's Name: LuAnn
2140 610th Ave.
Albia, IA   52531



Education after High School: Southwestern Community College Creston, IA 2 years
Occupation: Insurance Agent
Spouse's Occupation: Administrative Assistant
Names and ages of Children: Jason 35; Jeff 33; Josh 31; Natalie 28; Anthony 24

After high school I went to SWCC in Creston, IA for 2 years, played basketball and made an attempt at being a student (with no success). Married in 1972 and drove a truck for a year in Omaha. I wanted to try a desk job so I went tot work for a finance company in Des Moines and was transferred 11 times in 7 years to different offices and never left the State of Iowa. In 1980 I went into the insurance business as an insurance agent and will retire in April, 2010. I married LuAnn in 1996 and together we have 16 grandchildren and as of today we are only aware of one addition coming soon. We bought 40 acres in southern Iowa in November of 2008 and built a new home last year on the acreage. In April when I retire I will move out of Cedar Falls, IA which has been my home for the last 21 years and become a hobby farmer. Plan to do lots of Conservation work as well as hunting turkey, deer, and any predators I can.