Personal Biography

Donald E. Simons Spouse's Name: Debra  J. (Fisher)
21934 Sumac Road
Neola, IA   51559

Home phone: 712-545-3632
Cell phone: 712-679-6671

email: (work)

Education after High School: Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Creighton University; Secondary Education certificate
Occupation: Contracting Officer (civilian) at Offutt AFB
Spouse's Occupation: Contracting Officer at Offutt AFB
Names and ages of Children: Lea Loftus, 33; Brent, 30; Jesse, 27; Laura, 20; and Cortney, 16

Names and ages of grandchildren: Triston Loftus-5, Colton Loftus-2, Brooke Loftus born in June

Birthday: 3/16/1952

I lived in Council Bluffs until 1975. I married Debbie Fisher from Underwood on May 20, 1972 (married to the same woman for 38 years.) I taught math one year at Longfellow J.H. in 1974 and that was enough for teaching. I played fast pitch softball for about 10 years (3 or 4 nights/week). As the kids started coming, I gave up softball to support them in their school sports and music activities. I helped coach baseball, soccer, wrestling, and softball. Jess was Iowa AAU State wrestling champ in 7th grade, and wrestled for Underwood when they were state champs two years and 2nd place the 3rd year. He is also the only individual to attend Underwood to be selected to play on the Iowa State all star baseball team. Brent's specialties were basketball, track and vocal music (all state). Lea excelled in gymnastics, volleyball, softball, and track. Laura participated in the same sports and was the marching band drum major for three years. She also got a scholarship at IWCC for jazz band. Cortney is in concert choir and band. I play golf with my sons on Father's Day and don't have any real hobbies.

Updated: 8/16/10