Classmate Comments On 35th Reunion
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Don Simons
What has impacted you the most in the last 35 years?
Being married (to the same woman) for 33 of those years and raising 5 children has has taught me that you must put the needs of others before your own wants or needs.  Selfishness is probably the number one cause for divorces and for many of the problems that exist in this world today.

What would you most like the class to know about you?
That Jesus has become number one in my life and I pray that is true for all of my classmates, so we can have a "real reunion" after we have all passed from these wrinkling, aging, bodies.

What classmates do you know that you feel deserve special recognition and for what do they deserve that recognition?
I believe that Dan Thomas and everyone involved with setting up these reunions every five years deserve special recognition.

Do you have any ideas for the program itself? What would you like to see?
If there is music, I would like to hear oldies and not so loudies.

Linda (Snyder) Koch
In high school, I was not much of a "joiner", and I used to think I missed out on something.  I never joined any clubs, or really used my talents to the full extent.  I have made up much lost time in that area over the last 35 years, and am happy to say that I feel I have made a difference in many people's lives because of it.  I attribute a lot of that to my working with physically and mentally challenged children and the many times I "joined" clubs/activities, etc... because of my children.  So obviously, the biggest impact in my life was having my children and being able to  teach them tolerance and patience.  Also teaching them that what you do and say does matter, and that being true to yourself is the most important lesson you can learn in life.  (No, I'm not that philosophical, just learned from experience.)  I've also learned not to "sweat the small stuff" I'm sure many of our classmates have over the years.
I'm looking forward to seeing many of my classmates and perhaps renewing some old friendships, too.  Here's to 35 good years of life after graduation!!!

Bill Dixon
What has impacted you the most in the last 35 years?
I don't think that there is any one thing - other than these class reunions! Otherwise, perhaps it is the opportunities that I have had to travel throughout Europe, Africa and the Asian rim. Even though language differences get into the way from time to time, people are pretty much the same as far as needs, wants and desires are concerned. That fact probably impacted me more than anything else - we are all in this together!

What would you most like the class to know about you?
That I am still alive (for some reason!) and kicking - and that I would like to catch up on what everyone else has been doing since the last reunion.

What classmates do you know that you feel deserve special recognition and for what do they deserve that recognition?
Two people come to mind immediately - Dan Thomas and Pete Peterson. The reason(s) for the special recognition include their tireless efforts to insure that everyone is informed about the class reunions (Dan) and that everyone feels totally comfortable while at the reunions (Pete). You are both great guys and deserve to be recognized for your efforts! Also, I am sure that others contribute and they should be recognized as well, however Dan and Pete should get "special honours!!!". Also, there is a third person, whose name escapes me right now - however he maintains an ALHS website and he should also be recognized. There are more... obviously, however you would know them better than I.

Do you have any ideas for the program itself? What would you like to see?
I would just like to see everyone again! I really appreciate the opportunity to get together with a lot of my classmates and find out what they have been doing since the last reunion. Also, I have observed that several people seem to "keep things going" at previous reunions. I hope that this continues - I can mingle with any crowd, however I know that others have a hard time "breaking the ice". To that end I would like to see the efforts in past events continue.

Trudy (Clark) Clevenger

What has impacted you the most in the last 35 years?

There are many things that have impacted me in the last 35 years...most likely my two girls, my husband, owning my own business, and travel outside the US are in the top four.  Also, I'm amazed at the resiliency of the human spirit following natural or man-made tragedy (ie tsunami and Sept. 11).

What classmates do you know that you feel deserve special recognition and for what do they deserve that recognition?

I feel that the Reunion Committee deserves MAJOR recognition for putting everything together for us to enjoy ourselves every 5 years.  This can only be a labor of love for them since they keep coming back for more.  Help make their job easier by updating them on your whereabouts in between reunions...PLEASE.  Congratulations on a wonderful job Reunion Committee!!

Do you have any ideas for the program itself? What would you like to see?
I, unfortunately, will not be able to attend this year since I am scheduled to have a hip replacement 3 weeks before the reunion.  The past reunions have been great!  I think we entertain ourselves by 'catching up' with each other.  The only suggestions I would make is to have the music not be too loud.  Also, the photo displays have been wonderful at past reunions, but maybe we could help the committe by giving them copies of some of our archive of photos. clippings, etc. for the 40th reunion.  Possibly even have a grad photo of ourselves and then a family photo that is more up-to-date next to it to see how we have 'progressed' through the years.

Sally (Spetman) Lyons
I would like to respond to the question, What has impacted me the most in the past 35 years and combine that question with what I would like others to know about me.

Turning 50+ has been magical for me.
 I have spent the past 35 years studying, learning and teaching health and wellness. Starting out in the medical field was a great education but complementary practices combined with technology are where I am aligning my energies and focus. I have always loved meeting and working with people. I believe my gift is to make a difference in the world by touching the life of another human being.  To find true health, leads to wealth, which leads to happiness, which is ultimate health.

I can't wait to see where the next 35 years take us.................

I don't know what other classmates have done so it will be very fun to hear.
As far as the program, just talking with everyone would be a blast.

Thanks again for all your work!

Alan Fisher, M.D.

While preparing to respond to the questionnaire for the class reunion, I used it as an opportunity to reflect on many things in my life, but most importantly on the impact that my high school experiences had.

I believe it is important to take some time to reflect on the events that have shaped our lives for the past 35 plus years. The class of 1970 shared a time in our nation's history that was turbulent but at the same time momentous. We all shared, in some eay or another, the tragedy of the Viet Nam war. Either by losing a friend, relative, or fellow soldier, or by voicing an opinion that wasn't popular at the time, we all shared in the impact that war had on our community.

Our generation also witnessed together the civil unrest of the 60's, which focused attention on improving civil rights for all; and directed attention to the environment---locally and nationally by celebrating and honoring the first Earth Day. At the same time, we were preparing for our futures either by studying, working, or serving the military.

I have enclosed some photos of some of the most important events in my life the past 35 years. Of course, the first and most important was marrying my classmate, Cordie, almost 31 years ago and having three wonderful daughters. My youngest daughter graduated this year and continued a strong family tradition of Abraham Lincoln H.S. graduates since all three of my daughters are now alumnae (and both of my parents).

The other photos are from my work with Doctors of the World at a refugee camp near Kosovo in 1999. At that time Slobodan Milosovic was instituting a policy of ethnic cleansing in Kosovo and there was a massive refugee crisis as many ethnic Albanians fled Kosovo for safer territory. For various reasons, I volunteered to serve my fellow man. I have thought long and hard about that experience and the decision I made to go there. And believe I was called to help those in need because of my many blessings from having been raised and educated in the Midwest, in Iowa, yes, in Council Bluffs at Abraham Lincoln H.S.

While you are a student in high school you never suspect that the experiences you have, the education you receive, the mentors you have, the friends you have, will have such an impact. But now, through the "magic" of ageing and experience, we all probably know better. We all know that those things did make an impact on who we are and what we have accomplished.

Many thanks and accolades go to my fanily, friends, teachers, and especially to my classmates of the Abraham Lincoln H.S. class of 1970, and especially to my favorite classmate who is now my wife of (gulp) 31 years!!! The class of 1970 has made an impact for the better in our community and the world and has much more to offer. Go A.L.H.S. Class of 1970!!