1911 Commencement Program of Council Bluffs High School

The following statement and Commencement Program was submitted by Steven Waterman, Salt Lake City, UT:

" I graduated from Omaha Westside High in 1973.  On a visit to my parents in Omaha in the 1980s, I stopped in Grand Island for some memories.  I had worked for Union Pacific during summers when I was in college (painting every bridge on the main line of the UP from Council Bluffs to Grand Island) and had lived in a train car in Grand Island one summer.  I visited an antique store and purchased the dictionary, a fifth edition Webster's with a leather binding, weighing in at about 20 pounds.  I use it more for decoration on my roll top desk than for word use.  Yesterday I was looking up a word and came across the commencement program.  There is no name in the dictionary but it appears to me that the program had been folded and perhaps placed in the heavy dictionary in order to flatten it out.  Of note is the different "courses" of study and that 14 of the 17 with class honors were young women.  I particularly enjoyed the "Class Yell" on the back page and the depressing "Class Motto" of "Life is Our School". "

41st Annual Commencement Program - Class of 1911 (pdf format)